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Flux corrosion,,,,,,


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Here's a quote from Chile Forge webpage warning about the dangers of corrosion from using flux.


Forge accessories

Replaceable Ceramic Shelves
If you have done forge-welding, we don't need to explain the corrosive nature of flux.
To those who are considering trying, a word of warning: Flux can ruin a forge floor in a single session.
It is nearly impossible to get off once it's in your forge and it will stick to everything it comes into contact with."

I've never seen anybody be careful about using flux in their gas forges what say you?

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There have been quite a few discussions here on IFI about the corrosivity of borax. The general consensus seems to be that it will blast right through ceramic wool and that it degrades other materials to different degrees. One reason that Kastolite is frequently recommended is its general resistance to melted flux, although it does wear down over time. High alumina kiln shelves are practically impervious to flux and can be purchased from pottery supply places.

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