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Accidentally Painted the Inside of my Gas Forge

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I am new to blacksmithing and I bought myself a gas forge. I’m assembling it (it came completely unassembled) and it’s recommended to paint the outside of it with high heat paint before setting it up. I accidentally painted the wrong side of the side panels. My question is will that paint on the inside of the forge be harmful when I light it? Should I safely remove the paint or would it be fine to leave it? I know the inside of the forge will get very hot and high heat paint will likely eventually burn off. I’m very new to all this so I’m just trying to make sure I’m doing everything safely. 

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Well the inside Is getting kaowool, rigidized and coated isn't it? If so I can't see it being a problem as the outside of the metal shell would get as hot as the inside of the metal shell. 

Or did you paint the coating or brick? 

At forge temperatures, if it will be in the fire I would move it outdoors for the initial firing if the paint will be in the direct flame, and stay up wind to minimize any exposure. 

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