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Barbwire is common out here; the interstates are fenced off with cattle guards on their access roads; Open Range Law out here in New Mexico.  I keep my eye open at the scrapyard for nicely rusted wire and prefer the flat barb stuff to work with.  (I keep my tetanus boosters up to date too!)

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  I couldn't justify dragging my collection of barb wire along, on my move.  The 5, five gallon buckets of garden dirt came first.  Sentimental fool that I am....  Some of the stuff I brought would make most people scratch their heads.  But I will find new sources.., even in pine cone country.

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10 hours ago, BIGGUNDOCTOR said:

Haha, well at least U.S. lets us know you don't need to Google translate your posts.  There are 9 cities worldwide named Olympia, with 6 in the States. No big deal to me , but I thought it was interesting how many there are. I grew up In Fairfield CA, and there are 53 worldwide and 35 here in the States. I live near Las Vegas now and there are only 3 of those in the States, with one being kinda well known. The remaining 55 are mostly South of the border, so I usually don't need to clarify.  I am pretty sure I know which one by your comment of

that describes one state pretty well. :lol:   I moved to the desert because I hated the rain we had where I grew up.


Olympia - Washington

Olympia - South Carolina

Olympia - North Carolina

Olympia - Missouri

Olympia - Kentucky

Olympia - California


Your garden art is very well done, and it is a nice clean forging.

I grew up with older parents and I learned how to roll a hoop. Dad cut the spokes out of a trike wheel, and made a tee stick for it. I have seen some hoops that were quite large in old pictures.



Quite the sleuth, Biggundoctor. My home town is the capital of the rainy, when not 108 degree, billionaire state, divided north to south by a major mountain range accented by multiple volcanos, furnished with a large inland salt waterway, lapped by the Pacific Ocean, bordered by a foreign country inhabited by generally nice people to the north and one of the major continental rivers sung about by Woody Guthrie to the south. Had no idea there were so many Olympias. Second thing I learned today. Maybe I'll skip tomorrow.

Lots of first class, generous blacksmiths here.

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 Will do SLAG.  I used to like the patent office because you could zero right in on the company, inventor or invention.  But only if you can figure the arcane system out.  Maybe it's gotten easier by now.  I dont care, I'm trying google.


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