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Newest Anvil Aquistion

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Well tonight I picked up my newest anvil. Think it could of been 160lb, but it's 80lb because the bottom is not there, instead it's a wood base. What would be it's value? It's still real nice.

27" long
4" wide
1" hardie

Excellent rebound used it tonight for a little bit.

Pictures attached. I'm thinking it's worth $80-$120 because of the base missing. I paid $40, I nearly hurt myself when I found this anvil, trying to find my phone to call him.

What should I do to make the anvil more usable? Because of it not having a bottom/base. You can see in the pictures where the anvil turns into wood. It has a diamond on it, and it looks like it says Columbian across the diamond. Could I weld a base on?



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How in the heck does an anvil fail at that point? If anvils could talk.

I wonder if it might be a good candidate for a bolt on base. Seems it might be easy to bore through an anvil base shaped mass of iron (maybe even cast iron) and tap into the remaining portion of anvil. There would be little or no heat involved so you would not affect the hardness of temper of the face. Just an idea.

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Well I took the stand for that anvil, and am using it for my anvil. Fits real good. Sometime this week....since hs starts...i wont have a lot of time, but this week im going to be making racks like a U to drive into the stand to use for hammers, and hardie tools. I'm using the tong rack that's on it right now for my three main hammers. It had two, but i pulled the other one out, and am going to pull this one out and replace it with my U racks for hammers and hardie tooling. :)




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Funny I have a base from an anvil that's missing it's top! It's weight stamped so I know it was once part of a "total anvil".

Remember that the tops and the bases were often welded together---either forge welding for the earlier ones or arc welded for the later ones---"Anvils in America" has a discussion on this.

If you want to weld a base on I would go ahead---that shouldn't be a cast iron anvil as it has such a thin heel

Has the top been hardened? If so you may want to preseve it's heat treat by welding it with the face in a tray of water. Spark test it to see if the top is High C and preheat/post heat if so.

Pep; any suggestions on the welding?

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I was wondering if I could keep the top in a tub of ice cold water that cycled the whole time to keep it cool. Because I was talking to my welding teacher and he has an extra large rosebud head that you can easily reach forge welding temperatres with, and in theory, he and I could forge weld a base on.

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