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Need advice about using a small furnace for HT

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Backstory: an old college friend (whose name happens to be same as that represented by the "J" and the first "C" of my username) is cleaning out his late father's gunsmithing shop and has offered me the tabletop muffle furnace therefrom. It's a Neycraft JFF2000, which has a temperature range of 300F - 2000F and an interior space of 9" wide x 9" deep x 6.5" high. The controls are manual; there's a knob for adjusting the temperature and a pyrometer for displaying it (there's apparently an automatic model that can be programmed for stepping the temperature up and down over specific time periods, but this ain't one, alas.) These retail for about $1400 new, but he's offering me this one (which looks practically new in the photos he sent me) for $200.

I know that these are primarily used for investment casting and enameling, but I'm thinking that it would also be good for heat treatment of small to medium size knives, punches & chisels (especially for ones made from H13 and S7), and the like.

Thoughts? Concerns? Recommendations? Warnings?

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be aware 9 inches square translates to a max length including tang of about 11 inches on the diagonal, so larger will need other methods, if that is a problem.... I recommend you just pass and send it to me.  Where do you want the $200 sent for it?

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That’s only the diagonal on the floor. The diagonal from a bottom corner to the opposite top corner is a little over 14”!

The $200 price is actually going as a donation to the foundation my friend’s parents set up over 20 years ago. They do educational activities for area children, sponsor a Boy Scout troop, and a whole bunch of other good stuff. 

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