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Copper forging question


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Propellers are made of bronze and take a lot of abuse.  I think Alloy would be very important as well as possible heat treats.  Have you thought of Monel?  "After cold working, the alloy's tensile strength increases to 125,000 psi" (from continental steel's website)  (about twice the strength of A-36 steel)  

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Bronze should work fine. What alloy would be best I have no clue but it shouldn't be too hard to find out. You want a forgeable alloy that can be hardened and is low corrosion. I'm thinking a marine alloy would be a place to start. Could call a supplier and ask. Use the phone, the contact link on web sites is the "ignore me" button if you aren't looking to make big buys, tons+, big.

Here on the north left coast, "Alaska Brass" would be my first call. Its based in Washington I don't think it even has an outlet in Alaska. If that matters.

Frosty The Lucky.

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655 is a forgeable bronze. It is a silicon bronze, no zinc or lead. Naval bronze is supposedly also forgeable but I don't use it due to it had either zinc or lead I don't remember. 655 is what I use for axes and other such. I think there is a picture of one of my wolf head poll bronze axes on here somewhere. Just don't overheat it.


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