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Hartmann speed vise plus Extra


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2 part question for y'all.

I found myself at a yard sale this weekend and saw a unique vise. Neither I or the person selling knew how it worked initially.  Long story short. When lever is in the vertical position, the vise opens and closes freely by hand.  When you have your item( bar,pipe,wood, whatever) in the vise,  you push the movable jaw up against item, then push back on the handle, the jaw then tightens up and locks down.  To release,  simply pull the handle back to vertical.  

I saw a posting here on the same vise but nobody knew much about it and that was almost 10 years ago.  Hoping someone could provide a little more info.  I don't really need another vise but the uniqueness has me on the fence whether to keep it or sell to my cousin 

Secondly.  I also snatched up a vintage acetylene cart. After I started to clean it up a little I noticed a burned in manufacturer stamp. Made by K &J in Columbia Ohio.  Tried looking for info in that as well but can't find any. I know the cart isn't vise related but any direction anyone can give me would be awesome.  







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I love the vise and wouldn't mind finding one I could afford. 

Neat welding cart, but that's about all I know about it. 

I know I wasn't any help with your questions but I like to encourage folk to post cool pics.

Frosty The Lucky.

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I’ve got a vise vice and I’ve dragged home quite a few  but I’ve never come across anything like that one it’s pretty cool, curious how wide are the jaws?  Sorry I’m like frosty I can’t help with info either on the vise or cart but they are both really sweet finds. 

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Thanks for the replies.  The jaws are 4 1/2 wide. 

As far as the cart, i think it's just a hand truck made by J&k out of Columbus Ohio, not Columbia. The conversion was done very long time ago so it still looks period correct.  Gonna take some time and restore it.  

Thanks, Art

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