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I Forge Iron



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The blade is 300 mm long and forged of 120WNi8V. It is a special steel which is non commercially made by an old friend of mine Thomas Hauschild who works in a steel company.

There he experimented and processed on a Damascus component which contains tungsten as well as nickel up to 2%.He gifted me an oblong rectangular chunk which I could forge 

on into some blades. " Continue kneading it nicely" ...he said:)

Until today it is the toughest steel on a knife blade that I worked with....means easy to forge, grind and finish but resulting in a super tough blade......I wish I had a ton of of it.

When it comes to blade material this is the real flesh of gods.....

Handle and sheath are  made of the same chunk of Merawan ironwood and all fittings are copper.The tang is riveted on the butt forming the center of the flower.

Overall length is 450 mm.

Stay healthy









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