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Tong Reins: what size stock?


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Yes. about tongs i bought some and i noticed that i made bigger reins than they make in factory.-

Well i was offshoting better longer to stay away  from heat than shorter but it can affect balance if reins are too long.


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I feel guilty becaseu i own 5 bought tongs and 1 made by myself, well that one made look terible but i didnt had enaugh thickness of material to start with.

Maybe i will experiment with some 1/2 inch 14 com squere for tongs like did in past, thicker would be better but this homedepot only cut you size you want and you pusht that in car.


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Good Morning,

To make Tongs using 1/2" square, you should upset a section for the hinge/pivot area. Other than that, normal problem with new Tongs is, leave lots of material at the pivot/hinge for thickness and height. Do Not make the start of the Rein and start of the Jaw, too narrow. This makes weak Tongs!


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