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  1. Good tip Frosty, I’ve already made a similar one so I can weigh it easy. Def starting with smaller ones and using some mild and scrap I have laying around until I get the hang of it. Save the good stuff
  2. Hey everyone, so far I’ve been using pretty decent sized chunks of leaf spring, or pre bought and rolled knife steel (1095, 1.5x12”, 1/4” thick). I am starting to forge weld and get into Damascus. First couple billets will be a combo mild steel and spring steel, all 1/8-1/4” and all about 2.5” long. My question is roughly, how big of a billet would I need to make a 8” full tang drop point? That’s total length btw not an 8” blade. just trying to wrap my head around how many layers I would need to do once I get the confidence to step up to 1095 and 15n20 billets
  3. Short version: what size stock would you recommend using for tong reins if forge welding them on? So I have a decent amount of 5/8” round stock, mild steel. Seems like good stuff for making tong blanks out of, but it’s pretty thick stuff. I’d imagine that a 12-14” pair of tongs with 5/8” reins would be a nice heavy duty set of tongs, but overkill for what I will be needing. A big heavy set of tongs seems unnecessary for my current skill level, and projects that I’ll be doing. I thought about drawing the reigns out on every blank like I have done with smaller square stock, seems like it will be more work than it’s worth. I’ve been testing out forge welding on some random scraps, and I think I’m ready to try and forge weld reins into a set of blanks. For those of you who go this route, what size do you use for the reins? thanks for the info!
  4. Thanks for the info Neil, makes total sense as I have so many woodworking tools that all can serve the same purpose, but are all used in their own ways. More just curious if there is a cutoff, like X amount of cubic inches/feet per burner or if you can build any size you want, just requiring more fuel.
  5. So let me start by saying I am very green to blacksmithing/bladesmithing so if this subject is an age old question, I apologize, I did try searching. My father and I have both started getting Into the hobby and each are creating our own workshops in different ways. One thing we both have done is start with a relatively small single burner forge. I opted for a devil forge, he bought a burner and made a coffee can style. So far both work great for our skill level. A question that we keep coming back to is if we want to upgrade our forges in the future, what sizes could we/should we go with, with the goal being repurposing the burners we currently have? I understand that forge size is probably specific to the type of work that you are doing, but I’m trying to figure out that sweet spot for a single burner size?
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