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Many types of insulation CAN be used. Then comes the question insulating from the outside, or insulating from the inside.  The site takes advantage of the sometimes lack of details to have a bit of fun.

Read the thread on Gas Forges,

Quick Gas Forge information 

Insulation and Refractories

Gas Forge Refractories and Supplies

and other specific threads on the site for specific discussions.

Yes it is a lot of material but it should not only answer your question but give you more information that you could imagine.

We are here to help and we want you to succeed.  Just work with us and ask specific questions to get specific answers. 


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Beth: I did a search using the terms "refractory suppliers Paducah ky." #1 hit on page 1 was "Thermal  Products Company" They appear to be a whole sale supplier and contractor but if you call them on the phone, (NOT THE WEB CONTACT LINK!!!) the telephone at (888) 839-9319 ask them who retails refractories in your area.

Before you call though you should find out what you really need and how to build what you want. We'll help.

Depending on how you wish to build your forge you may need Morgan k-26 Insulating fire brick or 8lb, ceramic wool refractory, hard refractory and maybe a kiln wash.

Before you spend money join us in the Forges 101 thread where different types of propane forges, construction materials and techniques are discussed at length. No need to read the whole thing do some skimming and ask questions and you won't have to cross your fingers and buy what you can find.

Grout and fire brick is NOT going to make a decent gas forge liner. We go into why in the thread and what other things not to use. 

See you there Beth?

Frosty The Lucky.

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