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  1. ''Weird and not the kind of work I generally do is reason enough to pass on the job. Add the suspecon i don't believe the wood is anywhere near old as they claim,why worry with it? Collect your money upfront.
  2. I'm late to the party but it shouldn't matter in the event you like my suggestion with regard to "aesthetics, at the request of my grandparents (whose property it is " People who live on small acreage estates often want large animals and must satisfy their HOA with animal shelters. A very popular feature added to shed roof is a short roof overhang/bill/cover on high point of shed. Imagine a short sloping roof( 2'-3' ) cantilevered off the high end of your shed roof. It improve's appearance plus break's wind lift.
  3. The tip sizes I talked about are propane. 000=1/8,00=1/4,0=3/8&1/2,1=3/4,2=1& 11/2. As for what people say about propane requiring larger tip than acetylene to cut same thickness metal,that's mostly in perpetuating the notion acetylene flame is hotter than propane and/or consume's moetre oxygen. Don't waste time comparing and trying to figure it out,the tips are not interchangiable anyhow and each have their own set of size #s. Half the people that give up on propane after one try used acetylene tips,the other half didn't know correct way to use right equipment and had noone to sho
  4. We feel fine about type RM for use with acetylene but mfgr doesn't reccomend it for alternate fuels. Same specs as type R plus flame resistant. Reasons for using flashback aresstors is long,reasons for not using arrestors is,,,,,,,,there are no reasons not to. By all means consider what TennyLM and others say about cutting tips. I keep a 00 cutting tip in my torch 90% of the time for 16ga thr
  5. In a fashion this was probably already covered but in case it wasn't. Folks get the feeling they are using excessive oxygen because it requires more tanks of oxygen to burn a tank of propane than it does to burn a tank of acetylene. There's just a heck of alot more propane than acetylene in bottles of same size. All welding processes (where parent metal is melted) require a gas envelope around the puddle. Acetylene provide's it,propane doesn't. Propane rquir's diferent tips but everything else is normqally interchngable. The regulator need not be rated specific for propane,many if not
  6. I'd like to say something about free pecan wood from orchards. Great firewood but generally should'nt be used for building anything. As T Powers said,it's limbs. Regardless how large a limb is,mills don't process limbs into lumber because the wood move's (twists/wraps) after being sawn. The wood can continue moving (first one way then another) for decades so that make's it worthless for construction or even tool handles. I say this to possibly save disappointment after fashioning something that later warps. An exellent source of wood for short tool handles is the firewood pile providing
  7. I agree with what you are saying about smaller tools kickingback more frequently than their larger breathern but there's reasons why. For the most part,less weight in tool combined with having less than firm grip and/or only using one hand account's for it. The lesson we might take from that is smaller discs on larger tool is safer. A 3" disc mounted on a 4.5 grinder A. Can't go as deep into kerf where most kickback happens B. Smaller disc equals slower speed at outside cutting edge. C. With screw in side handle operator has better grip and control while cutting or in the event of kickba
  8. Should we add to the list "never never grind on anything being supported on a farm jack".
  9. Good looking build. If I'm ever able to go back slinging hammers I would like to build one similar. Looking foward to hearing how it performs.
  10. Every time I pick up a grinder with cutting disk my pucker string begin's to quiver so I use them very sparingly. I have three 41/2 grinders,1 with flapper,1 with grinding wheel and 1 with knotted wire. Recently when I needed to open a freon tank,I suited up fit for jousting,then only used the cutting disc to start cuts then finished up with a saber saw. I wouldn't cut with Harbor Freight discs if they were free. My carcass has too many things hurting already.
  11. I suppose it might depend on how drunk I was on the day I set it up but according to what I said the plan is. " For things that are moved around often I like 3 legs" " For an anvil stand that will remain in place I prefer one piece top and bottom like a wood stump(Bois d Arc as mentioned in another thread). " I have anvils that are occasionally moved about or taken to other shops. The behemoth perched on the stump has been moved only a few times since coming to granddad's shop over 100 years ago. Last time was with assistance of an engine crane. To prevent gluing anvil t
  12. For things that are moved around often I like 3 legs but to make it less prone to tip over,3 legs often extend out farthar than 4 causing toes on big feet to be stubbed. For an anvil stand that will remain in place I prefer one piece top and bottom like a wood stump(Bois d Arc as mentioned in another thread). This 4x4 stand is handled the same way. After top and bottom are made parallel,footprint of anvil is inlet into top. Any place where heavy mechines are sold,they offer powder to be mixed with furnished liquid or water as well as resins and epoxies. I normally add 15% by volume Type
  13. Back in the day when epa was kicking off,used motor oil was closely monotored and disposal was expensive. A friend had a garage heated by a 2 barrel wood heater. He first dripped used oil into the heater but only created smoke while saving little wood. We tinkered with a hydraulic pump driven by an electric motor that resulted in so much smoke and stench a private school 1/2 mile away called fire marshal to report tires being incenderated. When the deputy showed up he asked if we had gone outside to see the smoke. Someone suggested it might be starving for oxygen so we added a blower.
  14. I know what you mean Bones. I worked with a gal that pronounced the Gold Medal kind same as most pronounce both but the sweet smelling kind "flyers"and I always got a chuckle. I think highly processed flours have non or less weevils than "organic" flour. Maybe Frosty will shed light on how they compare for sour dough. I'm betting he prefer's organic but I'm courous if he prefer's flour with or without the weevils. Proof all my writings and you are sure to find plenty. One would think double vision would act like spell check but
  15. Bare arms or bear arms???? Walking around in wife beaters (a tank top, tank shirt, muscle shirt) with bare arms usually depends on weather but I for one believe it should be one's right to do it when and if he chose's to. Should bears have arms? By all means,otherwise what's to become of bear hugs? Now if we are talking about arms as in clubs and battle axes,that require's forethought,common sense and mutual aggreement,not to overlook the situation in each individual place and time. As it stand's some neighborhoods have agreed to have open carry so bearing arms is ok,but not ok in bee
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