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Help ID'ing a 440# anvil

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Picked up (hah) this anvil the other day. Estimated weight is 200kg (440lbs) by the guy who sold it to me, but that's just an estimate. Have a hanging scale capable of up to 660lbs on the way to find out for sure. I laid it on my up to 330lbs scale and it threw an error. No legible engraving/embossing I can find anywhere, though it's certainly been left out in the rain for a good while. I know the guy who sold it to me brought it over from Bulgaria.

Assuming the estimated weight is accurate, I paid about $1.37/pound.

Dimensions: 70cm (27.5") long, 17cm (6.7") wide, height is 36cm (14"). Base is 42cm (16.5") by 24cm (9.6"). Hardy is 2.5cm (1").


Any thoughts on where it's from, what it's made of (forged? cast?) I'm a newbie at this stuff. Wondering when it's from as well, of course.











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There are some good threads here on how to do a spark test. You did read the "Read This First" tab at the top of every page, right? That has good advice for how to find information in the forum.

A drill test is very simple: steel will produce nice curlicued spiral shavings, while cast iron will produce silvery-gray dust.

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The absence of a pritchel hole on an English-made anvil usually indicates pre-1830-ish. However, this doesn't look like an English anvil of that period, the absence of a step between horn and face is atypical for the place and period, and the side-exiting hardy hole is more typical of French anvils.

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Yeah, it's straight through, not side exiting. The square holes on either side of the waist and in the base go in maybe 1.5-2". 


Also noticed, the base isn't that flat... The four "feet" are very slightly lower. Thought that might hint at manufacturing technique. 

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12 minutes ago, nagumi said:

Yeah, it's straight through, not side exiting.

My mistake; misread the shadows on the side.

That said, I'd still maintain that the overall look is more continental than insular.

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