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I ran out of them and need to buy more. Unfortunately all I can find are coby bolts and they are priced ridiculous. I need a bag of like 50 brass rivets for less than $20.  I bought 25 sets a few years ago and they're all gone. Epoxy/glue won't hold my scales on so rivets are a must.  I've tried to glue/epoxy on 5 knives so far and every time they pop loose when I'm filing them down. Rivets hold them on. Any ideas? 

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I use brass rod, or #6 copper ground wire..The copper makes an excellent handle rivet, it upsets easily and files and grinds well. And its strong enough for almost any handle, if it is counter-sunk properly and snug. Once you are done peening the head out, you can file or grind it flush.

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