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I might as well create a sticky with all the finishes I have tried in the last year or so! My recent kick has now been hammered paint for my production pokers, as it is looks decent and requires minimal prep. Keep in mind that I am making close to 20 pokers a day, and spending the time to completely wire wheel all forge scale, then individually heat each poker to apply a wax or oil is not very feasible. The one thing I am not 100% satisfied with is how the Rustoleum hammered paint is very glossy. The conventional black hammered paint from them looks good, but like I said, too shiny. The matte version is more silver in color, which still looks nice, but has some sparkly stuff added in it that I am not a fan of. Are there any other paints/finishes that you guys have used that look more natural to a forged look, but more matte in appearance? 



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I'm now "exactly" sure what you mean by forged finish. I know in the Duplicolor engine paints and the vht flame proof exhaust paint, they have matte or flat clears. That will show the actual forged finish but protect them. 

If you are going for a painted on forge look, I can't help. 

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Hammertone paint is what you are looking for. There are many companies that make that kind of paint. Rustoleum is the largest in the states. Hammerite and Teamac also make that same paint. Hammerite usually comes in quarts and up for use with a brush, some seriously tough paint. I used to use hammerite for car trunks becuase it was so tough, you can hit it with a hammer and it dont hurt it when dry, really you can. The paint i used i never really cared what the finish was going to be becuase it was not going to be seen anyway. Never used the Teamac, so no opinion on that one. 

You can also try contacting your local paint supply store. 

One other thing, you can get a hammer like finish with regular paint by stepping back some and spraying it. I can not say for sure but i think it allows some of the droplets to "dry" before they hit and then cuase lumps that are painted over. My painting skills are subpar, they did away with the "No drips, no runs, no errors" commercials when they met me, so i have never tried it. I have seen it done though. 

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