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Anyone in/ around Laredo Tx, willing to teach?

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Telling us where you are in the subject line isn't going to stick in anybody's memory. You need to put it in the header.

Click on your AVATAR, There will be a gray button on the upper right of the window that opens that says, "Edit Profile" click on it. The page that opens will let you add things to your header and profile. 

This is where I put "Improbable Curmudgeon" as seen under my Avatar. The Avatar is a pic of me with a moose in the background. Scroll down the page and you'll come to Profile Information, the second one down is "Location," Make whatever changes or entries you like and when it's good, click "Save" at the bottom right.

It may seem like I'm being picky but it'll really help. Honest, it will.

Frosty The Lucky.

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I'd suggest asking folks at the closest ABANA Affiliates which you can find at the ABANA website.  Unfortunately San Antonio may be the closest.  However they may know of smiths out your way that you could contact.

If you are really wanting to go with bladesmithing; may I commend to your attention the classes at the American Bladesmith Society School; probably the ones at Texarkana.


(There's a song about a Moose;  I think about it every time I see Frosty's avatar....unfortunately it contravenes the TOS...)

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