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I Forge Iron

I homemade/diy my third anvil

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This time I wanted to try to weld a top hardenable steel pate to the main body of an anvil. I still have to make the heat treatment of the top plate. This procedure will take a couple of month, we are at the peak of the summer, daily temperatures pass 40 C and I am afraid to cause a fire.  I will wait for winter. Wish me luck to make the correct heat treatment and that the top plate will not detach from the main body of the anvil.

I welded this anvil together from 3 chunks of mild steel, main body, rounded horn and angular horn/tail. The top plate is from a plough share, 12 mm thick. Since the main body is composed by a section of 100 mm X 100 mm and 35 cm long, I decided to make a stake anvil. The stake was made from 50 mm round rod and it touches the ground for the stand I built. It reminds a leg vice, when you hammer on the anvil, energy is transmitted both to the stand and to the ground through the stake.

Later I will publish a video of the anvil construction.




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I did not forge on it yet. I just tapped around with a 0.75 kg hammer to check for the ring and it "feels" like an ordinary anvil. I fabricated the stand wide, with slant legs to give more stability. I wanted to build a shorter, more stout round horn but it come out the way you see it. If necessary, I will shorten the horn.


I forgot to mention, the anvil weighs 50 kg. The stand I did not weigh it yet.

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I wasn't criticizing I was just wondering, I don't do heavy work at the end of the horn or tail, I don't even use the horn that often anymore. I was just noting where they are in relation to the center of support and the general height of the face. I'm thinking the real risk of tipping it over will come using bending forks or a scrolling jig in the hardy hole. However it looks like you've already thought of that and have stake holes in the feet.

I think you have a good looking anvil it only remains to give it a try or 50 and see how good.

Frosty say's well done.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Thank you Frosty the Lucky

Yes, I drilled holes if the feet. As I planned this anvil + stand, I thought about being used on soil, so, if the feet bury in the soil, it will stabilize the anvil. The anvil + stand are light, on concrete floor it will move all over, even with a 0.5 kg hammer, so 4 bolts will secure it in place...

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