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I Forge Iron

almost done with first fixed blade


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other then sanding the file marks and some detailing im pretty close to fit and finish on this gal. got the brass from an old victor oxygen regulator, pretty thick stuff, it was too rickity for safe use in my opinion anyway. 

the scales are sitting between a layer of duck tape with the tape lightly glued to the steel. any gaps on the un-drilled side are still fixable it was mostly just a lazy test fit you're seeing. d arn super glue drys to fast when you dont want it too.


BONUS! little widdling knife i made from some thin coil spring as a gift for my roomy (she's super rad) sorry about the picture i have  habbit of bringing knives to bed with me




ps: should i use brass pins on the bolster? i feel like something too contrasting will be weird especially cos they dont feel evenly placed


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The needles in a clear matrix, I don't know if it was agate or what are pretty sealed up but what about the free standing needle formations? There were more platy beryl crystals and some are bread mold fine and fragile. 

I found a pretty detailed site, "NORD" regarding berylliosis and one of the two ways to contaminate yourself is one time particle penetration in your hide OR long term contact. The other is one time or chronic inhalation or injestion.  

How locked up is it in crystals?

 Frosty The Lucky.

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It's the "one time" part makes my heart go pitter-pat.  As for the stones; haven't heard any odd stories about emeralds or aquamarines either in the cutting or the wearing.  Of course if you have any emerald encrusted items I would be happy for you to send them to me for proper disposal, (what's Christie's phone number again?)

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Yeah, reading the article really gave me the willies. I'll keep all my emeralds and aquamarines in the diving helmet with the cad plated fittings. Just to be safe you understand. 

I see you're annoying Mod30 again Thomas. Too much free time?

 Frosty The Lucky.

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