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Well thanks to this idiot stay at home stuff that is going on I am finishing  all the higher end stuff I usually send out to my E-Vile minions to sell at the various shows I have them displayed at..and posting them for sale on my site.  So here's another one from the Old Man's front yard...

Pattern Welded Dagger in my  "Hugs and Kisses" pattern (It has a repeated series of X and O running down the centre of the blade)  Blade is double edged and is 17 1/4" in length and welded from a  mix of 1095, L-6 and some meteoric iron for grins and giggles..   Full length fuller each side.

Forged and file worked/roped phosphor bronze  fittings.. The grip is some of that bowling ball material I scrounged up a while back and that is hand fluted. The oxblood leather sheath is mounted in phosphor bronze with a 27.91 ct star ruby set on the sheath throat.. This one has an overall length of 24"

All in all it didn't turn out half bad for an old man, considering..

Goes up for sale this evening on my site along with the other two fancy ones I did a while back...if all goes as planned that is...

Hope the photos work..







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Beautiful as always but I'd sure like a better look.

The flash on the camera doesn't make for good pics of shiny stuff.  White LED work lights  from the side make decent photographic lamps and you can turn the camera / phone flash off. It'll make for much better photos, honest.

Frosty The Lucky.

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