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Electrolysis question

Henry Irving

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Folks, thank y’all for the replies.  I can see that the current isn’t passing through the chain though it seems to have as much contact with the black lead as the handle did.  Anyway it is now soaking in vinegar as Thomas suggests.

Thanks again.

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Most chains are hot dip lubed in the factory and remnants of that non-conductive coating remain virtually forever, even if they don't seem to be there.  Chain is really hard to clean via electrolysis anyway due to the many joints involved so when you add a bit of non-conductivity, it becomes a losing battle.

Even chains that we boil out in hot caustic solutions still have traces of grease in the joints after several hours of boiling (while moving--so the joints are articulating).  This is with easy to remove food grade oils too.  With some oils they also polymerize with long term oxygen contact--basically turning into what is effectively a layer of "plastic" which won't conduct and is virtually impossible to remove with any chemical.  It's similar to the coating one puts on cast iron cook-wear but to a much greater extent and toughness.

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5 hours ago, ThomasPowers said:

You had each individual link connected to the black lead

You could always thread a wire through the links but it sounds like it's somewhat futile anyway. Have you tried a good old fashioned soak in acid and a wire brush? 


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As I'm still working M-F; I generally leave stuff in from Saturday to Saturday and use a potato scrubbing brush under the hose bib to clean off the black crud.  It's looking better though!  (Note your hands will stink a bit...)

I have a chain wrench for pipe; but I need a longer chain as I would like to use it removing valves from welding tanks.

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