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Hi, I'd like to introduce myself. I've been enjoying reading the posts on IForgeIron for some time, and it's been great. I'm a bladesmith here in Southern Az. pretty much full time now for the last few years. I love forging iron and I'm always trying to learn more so I hope to share with everyone. I'm just now working on the business part of things so I don't quite have an internet site yet, but I will in the near future. I'm looking forward to talking to folks soon and posting. Thank You very much, Sade McCraw

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Hello Littleport22, thanks for the welcome. You know, I haven't had any luck getting ahold of a good used anvil locally, I don't know if there are any flea markets around or not, we have a swap meet, but I don't know if a fellow would have any luck finding an anvil or not. I'd love to get an old anvil in good shap mysel, I'd really like to find a Vaughn sawyers anvil or something similar, or a bridge anvil would be great too. I'm going to be building a second seperate smithhy outside my shop this winter, with a traditional charcoal forge. I'll need to get an anvil for that. Currently I have two anvils that I use, one is a cutlers anvil that I got from Chuck Robinson, you can find a link to him off Don Fogg's site. The other anvil is a traditional London pattern anvil I purchased from Centaur forge. Good luck in your search, happy forging.

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