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  1. Well, I finally made some mods to the burner and added the ITC-100. Here it is after the first firing. I couldn't be more excited to feel that heat roar out of the forge! Thanks for all the help on this forum. You guys made this possible. I have a 1/4" x 12" ceramic plate that I'll use as a "table" for the stock, but I just wanted to throw this in there to test it out.
  2. Thanks Mike. I used the nipple mounted across the opening and drilled a hole with a #58 bit like on the website. After seeing other designs, I saw how far down the first design really was and started going after a different one. I'll post pics soon. Thanks again.
  3. OK, so I got ITC-100 today. I thought I read somewhere that you mix it with water to make a thinner paste. Then you spread that mixture on the kaowool. Am I correct? If so, what's a good mixture ratio? Thanks! Also, I was trying to light the burner outside the forge, so that's a problem. When I get the ITC-100 on, I'll mount the EZ Burner and try it again. I feel confident because the EZ burner really was easy, LOL!
  4. That's usually what I do. If I can't find something, I'll google that item in my city (ex: "iron pipe phoenix"). Even if I'm pretty sure the person I'm calling doesn't have it, they usually know who does. Usually it's because they get so many inquiries about it. One call will lead to another and you'll find exactly what you need. Good luck!
  5. That EZ Burner looks about as simple as they come. I'll have to give that one a try. Thanks Frosty for the guidance here to a newbie!
  6. So I tested out the burner today. Good airflow, the jet is nice and centered down the pipe, and the propane is shooting out. But there is no ignition. I had it at around 7.5psi. Even opening the valve slowly wouldn't ignite. If I opened slowly and tried to ignite from the jet, it would sputter, then burn out. I am using a Bernz-o-matic torch to try and get it lit. OK, so is there too much air and not enough propane, or maybe vice-versa? Too high PSI, not enough? Any help is immensely appreciated. Thank you!
  7. Also, I know it looks like a short burner, but that's because I used a longer holding sleeve than necessary, I'm sure. The length of the nipple is 9", plus the reducer. About 11" in all. And I've heard to set it about an inch back from the edge of the kaowool, so as not to burn up the end. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  8. It does look funny, but I made sure it's aligned pretty well. Depth was something that concerned me as I'm not positive how far in to set it. That would be an easy fix though. Grind off an inch of the sleve (the first set screw) and pull it back. What's a good way to tell I have sufficient, but not too much depth?
  9. Just an update. I finally got a burner put together. My first, so I don't expect any magic here, but I'm pretty happy with it. I put the nipple in a sleeve so it can slide in and out to get a better flame. Stays in place with 2 set screws. The jet assembly was somebody else's idea that worked great. I put a coupler and an end cap on the nipple, then drilled and tapped the cap for a .038 MIG tip. I do have one question; I see a lot of burners with flares at the end, and some without. What are your opinions? Should I put a flare at the end to make it work right? I wanna get this stuff sorted before I put gas to it and blow myself up! LOL! Thanks guys.
  10. Very nice! The logo is really cool. How are the individual pieces attached to each other?
  11. Pretty cool. I like the handle on this cart because that's a nice built-in tong rack. Plus the lower shelf is perfect for holding 1 or 2 propane tanks and tools. And it's mobile!
  12. That's interesting. I didn't think about the temp of the gas. Now I'll have a plan "A" and a plan "B", thanks!
  13. Yeah, the back will be bricked too. I have to build a little platform for the bricks to sit on so they'll be good and stable. I'm going to build another forge just like this one, but without cutting the bottom out of the bucket. I'll have this one for long pieces of stock, then the other for small work, so I don't waste fuel making a hook.
  14. LOL, I thought that picture of a baby playing in a bucket was hilarious. Now it stands for, "Don't let your children play inside the forge!"
  15. Thanks. I'm trying to apply the KISS rule as much as possible. Whenever I get confronted with a problem, I tend to overthink it. Fortunately, I have a buddy building it with me, so two heads are better than one. Should be ready to fire up by next weekend if I can get the rest of the stuff.
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