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Need Help Identifying Anvil

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Newbie here from central Pennsylvania. My son has started a blacksmithing/Farrier training program and I am collecting anvils and tools for him. I need some help identifying an anvil that I just picked up. It is 120 pounds and measures 21 inches long, 9 3/4 inches tall and the face is 3 3/4 inches wide. The Hardy hole is 7/8 inch. It has a nice rebound when using a ball bearing and the heel of the anvil has a nice ring to it. It does have a pritchel hole but it is currently clogged up with something. The anvil appears to have a wrought iron body, as it has the handling holes in the front and rear of the body. It has a top plate in terrible shape, but that will be a future post. Currently I am interested in help on determining the make and possible date range.I can see no markings on it. I've wire brushed it, and used talc powder on it but see absolutely no markings or impressions at all. There is a semi-circle notch in the rear of the base. Looking at pics on the internet, the only anvils that I have seen with this half circle notch are early Fisher Norris and American Star. But there is no markings of a star, nor an eagle and anchor on it anywhere. The bottom has no cavity in it. I have included some pictures. I would appreciate any help that the members can provide.



Side 1.JPG

Side 2.JPG

Under Heel.JPG

Under Horn.JPG

Top Face.JPG

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Welcome aboard South Fork, glad to have you. That's a nice size anvil, light enough to be portable and heavy enough to do serious work. I'm afraid I can't suggest a maker let alone tell you name and date. The half round notch in the foot is intriguing, part of the hold down plan I imagine. It might have come with a stand or perhaps the maker was hoping to sell stands if only one would work. Like I say intriguing.

The plugged pritchel looks to be the result of the cut under the heal, maybe not. 

Just as a matter of interest, the idea that the handling holes are an indication it's a forged anvil is urban myth. They had to handle them to grind them too. That isn't on you, it's pretty common thought but my Soderfors has square handling holes and it's cast steel.

I'd have to think and play with it for a while before repairing that missing edge, there's plenty of good edge on both sides so I could work around it easily enough. If there were more of the face delaminated around it I'd give repair serious consideration.

She's a pretty good looking anvil as she is, baring something unseen.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Thanks for the reply Frosty. It's great to get input from a knowledgeable source. I have a feeling that face is seriously delaminating worse. It rings like a bell near the heel but when pinging in front of the hardy hole, all I get is a sorta buzz and vibration noise..

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Looks kinda Mousey to me? 

A "buzzing and vibrating" sound can indicate delamination or cracking, yes. The extent of it can make a big difference as to whether it should just be used for a while or maybe try to hunt someone who can Gunther & Schuler Method it.

That cut under the heel might compromise strength out back a bit, so maybe just avoid hitting real hard out over the end of the heel. That aside, there is still available edge on her. 

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Cast, not forged as witnessed by the fat horn and hump under the heel, lack of hammer marks anywhere, and recessed base.

Definitely NOT a Mousehole or former employee even if it was forged: no keel under the horn. The only thing similar to an English anvil is the small triangular feet.

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 I've seen them before but i'd have to look into it for the brand name.

From what i heard from the owners of the same kinds of anvils is that it rings loud, so that vibrating sound could well be a delamination, it still looks like a serviceable anvil tho! ill look into the brand for you.

Damian Stil


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