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250 lb Hay Budden for $4 a lb?

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Assuming it's quite good, you certainly wouldn't be getting ripped off at that price for most of the country.  It's not a bargain to brag about though.  "Appears to be in good shape" means different things to different people though..and of course it all means little without an in-person inspection.

And..being blacksmiths, if you ask 10 of us that question, you'll get 20 different "right" answers :) 

Your mileage may vary

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It's quite common to see that on the side of anvils and is not necessarily a sign of delamination of the hard steel face.  If you just look at 100 anvils you will see similar marks on 98 of them most likely.  If you tap the face with a hammer you should hear a "Ping-ping-ping".  If it sounds dead there or makes a different buzzing ring sound you have a problem.  It's why it is so important to do proper testing on an anvil prior to purchasing it.  

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