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Acid resist not working

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I'm attempting to etch a pattern on the 440c. Normally with ferric chloride I use krylon spray paint and OPI nail polish as a resistant. But neither ferric chloride nor muratic acid would etch the steel.

So I tried 10:1 diluted sulfuric acid and it worked like charm. The first time I tried it got underneath the spray paint. The second time I tried using adhesive lamination film but I got the same results. 

I'm cleaning the blade with alcohol and then washing it with simple green before I put anything on it and the second attempt I re-sanded the surface down to 1000 grit. 

Anyone got any advice on what to use as a resistant?received_764415104053968.thumb.jpeg.3237c37aa9059ef17fb0adfb5e7d4407.jpeg

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2 minutes ago, ThomasPowers said:

Have you tried asphaltum varnish?

ThomasPowers. I'll be honest ive never even heard of it. Is it something you can get at a hardware store like lowes or ace?


2 minutes ago, pnut said:

Have you tried liquid paper/ White out

No I havent tried that but I do have some one hand. I'll give it a shot! 

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It's a *very* traditional acid resist; an old US government spec from 1922 said it had to resist sulfuric acid, 33%, for 6 hours...

As I recall we bought a can from an artist supply or perhaps rio grand jeweler's supply.  It was 35+ years ago when I was working with the sword maker...

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