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Wheeling leg vise


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Mr. LZM,

Smithing post vise springs is not very hard. It is a very good project for beginning smiths.

Check out this video for instructions for doing that.

Andy is a member here. His handle is everything mac.

His videos are well done and easy to follow.


p.s.  I only wanted to post the u.r.l. but the software posted the whole thing.


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1 hour ago, LazyM said:

I am new to this site

Welcome aboard... I always suggest reading this to get the best out of the forum. It is full of tips like editing your profile to show location, how to up load a picture and how to keep the moderators happy.:)   READ THIS FIRST

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Pics are not working for me.  What are you posting from?

Springs are rather trivial as they don't have to be made from spring steel and so you don't have to mess around with heat treating a higher carbon steel correctly.  Even when I do use a piece of leaf spring I just normalize it.

The 60 is probably the weight as they were sold by the pound in the old days.  The Wheeling may have been a hardware store that sold vices made by any of a number of manufacturers.

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Hi I think maybe the screw threads ( box?) Might have been replaced for it is mig welded and everything else is forged

I bought it a while back off ebay can't recall from where it was shipped I live in St Ignatius   Mt

I'll try to update my profile, thanks for your help its been very informative (I know better then ever, how little I know) LZM

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It sure looks like the screw/screwbox is a retrofit and so I'd bet the vise was not made by Wheeling.  The extra long screw box and how far the handle is out front of the vise body both look "off" for that vise body with the bevels on the legs and pivot cheeks.

However if it works for you then USE IT!  The workpiece doesn't care if the vise was reworked a dozen times or if it's 200 years old or 20 days old. It only cares that it holds it securely and is easy to open and close.

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