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I Forge Iron

Noobie from north GA


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 Just beginning. and probably not doing it right. But I'll learn (the hard way) just like I've learned everything else. ;)  I built my forge using what I had on hand. My first project was tongs, forged from a piece of re-bar.  Those tongs have been a useful tool.  I'm currently using charcoal, but I may give coal, or coke a go, and see what the difference is.    Store bought hardwood charcoal seems to burn up pretty quickly, but it does make nice heat. Mabe I'm giving it too much wind.

 Anyway,  Thanx for the forum, it comes up every time I do a google search when looking for an answer to a question.  Ya'll have been a wealth of info, albeit posts from 10 or more years back that I've  been directed to by google.  Anyway I figured I'd best join up, lest I miss something. :D 

   I have been in the bodywork business since about 1982, and can pretty much make sheet metal do what I want it to, along with heavier steel such as car frames. But this forging thing is a whole 'nother ball of wax.

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Welcome aboard bluerooster, from a fellow bodyman. 

You found the right place to get some helpful pointers and to read up so you can avoid alot of mistakes that others already learned the hard way. It's always better tomake new and improved mistakes than to just keep making the same ones other make over and over. :)

It'll help to know what your forge design is as to what fuel is more efficient. Also any way is right if it works, but some specific things can make it better. 

We love pictures here. Anything PG. And pictures of the forge setup might help pinpoint things to more well trained eyes. 


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Good Morning, Blue

Steal a bit of Play-Doh from the kids. I give every one of my students a container from Wal-M----, costs a dollar Canadian. Play-Doh works exactly like metal when it is in it's Plastic State (HOT). It works the same to the Hammer Stroke. One you can hold in your hands, the other you have to use Tools.

Welcome to our World, there is no destination but there is a heck of a Journey. There are no wrong turns, lots of U-Turns, Right & Left Turns, but No wrong Turns. Stay Safe and Keep Laughing. Make sure you use your Ear and Eye Protection, they are the only ones you will ever get!!


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Note: when transporting your play-doh skills to hot metal---don't forget to use tongs, (and a hammer, punches, etc).

What are you using for air in your forge?  Most folks starting with charcoal use WAY TOO MUCH air and go through fuel fast and decarb blades and burn up stuff...(any of this sound familiar?)

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Very familiar. :)   I figured out if I slow down the air, deeper bed of coals, and un burned material on top,  I still get good and hot, with way less scale. I managed to regulate the airflow, by cutting valves in the tuyere  to allow air to bleed out, then valving said holes, I can control airflow pretty well.

 The second letter opener, came out good enough to put a handle on, and use.

IMG_20200102_120913229 (Copy).jpg

IMG_20200102_120923820 (Copy).jpg

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