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Finally got the forge going!


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Finally got the forge going. It draws well despite doing everything wrong, 8" black pipe with two 45s and a 90 bend in it. I can close the whole thing up to warm up and prime the chimney so that helps. So happy to finally have it built, my little propane forge is limiting on what I can make. The first fire was just with some scrap wood.







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That's quite the set up. I don't see what you did wrong, it looks like a perfectly workable forge. Sure it'll work better with coal but wood or charcoal will only take a different kind of fire management. I really like the pic with all the doors open, sort of looks like an artillery shell or maybe smart bomb. I think it deserves a snazzy paint job don't you?

What did you make for your first project in the new forge?

Frosty The Lucky.

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I just meant the chimney was the wrong size, most people recommend 10" or bigger and straight out the roof. I'll probably be using mostly coal (I can get it 30min away), and use charcoal as a backup or just a change.
Unfortunately, I didn't make anything, I was too tired. but I'm going to try to get some stuff done today. I have a coal rake, but I need a poker so I'll make that first, then ill make hooks for the doors, then a tong rack. I also still have to remount my vice and organize the area.

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Box bellows are great sources of air. When I made mine, I went with the handle oriented vertically and mounted it higher. I find it a more natural position for the arm and shoulder. Just hold my hand up and grab the handle. It also allows me to just lean into and away from the bellows to pump it.

Great set up. Well done. :)

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My bellows are big also, 4 feet wide and the piston box is like 18" square. Not too far off on some of the measurements I have seen but it works well and not hard to use. I do plan on making one at least half the size to use on a portable setup I would like to build.

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