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I Forge Iron

Original PFP 1935

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"Let's put it on.", Agent K.

"Put what on?", soon to be Agent J.

"The last anvil you'll ever need.", me.


Certainly the last one I'll be able to "not" afford. I smashed the piggybank, then ran it over with the truck, then kicked all the pieces down the storm drain.


And I need to get back out to the roof job instead of hunkering down under cover of tarp.


It seems I can slide it around ok on the pallet. I doubt I could lift it though.


Not without mechanical advantage. It rolls pretty nice! 



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Wow, that's a nice anvil. I hope you enjoy it. You're right that should be the last anvil you'll ever need. Does it weigh 289? I like the upsetting block too. I think it has "original RFP 1935" stamped on it and not PFP. I'm looking at a small cell phone though you may want to take a look at it. Nice anvil, I hope to have one as nice someday.


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It's pretty hard to see any fine details due to the 2.5x3.5in.  screen on my phone not to mention my eyes. I was going on the assumption that the last p was for Peddinghaus. I don't know much about anvil manufacturers. I know some folks enjoy digging into the minutiae of different foundries and manufacturers because I am the same way with other things so I appreciate the info. Thanks. 

I also counted 3 half cwt. Instead of three quarter cwt.'s. brain glitch, seems like they've been happening more frequently lately. 


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i must say that my eyesight is fine, my computer screen is a good size, and the letters read RFP. The R leg is perfectly formed and has the kink in the right place. Not a small nick at all.

The "F" does have a vertical cut that seems to make it into an H, but the top horizontal line of the F gives it away. The R however is clearly an R with the side leg proportionate with the rest of the letter and the kink in the right place.

In my opinion anyway. May be it was made by Paul's little brother Robert :)


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After the letter F and P there is a dot at the right level, however after the first letter the dot seems to be a bit lower and shallower. Strange since that is not lettering that was punched in individually. Probably a close up would help. 

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