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mixed results heat treating 1045

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There is a way to use the pipe in the forge and not be looking directly into any flame at all and the workpiece will be rising in temperature so you really wouldn't be looking directly at glowing metal for long. Just looking into a  pipe but that isn't half as bad as looking directly in a fire. I have yet to do it to my heat treat pipe but.....

The way I figured it if you torch a hole in a plate the diameter if the pipe and weld it to the end you put the workpiece in, it would act as a shield so you aren't looking directly into the flame. And like I said the workpiece would be on a rising heat and really doesn't hurt the eyes much until it gets really hot. And on top of it don't you stare at hot metal while at the anvil. I know I do!!!;)

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On 12/14/2019 at 8:32 PM, Benona blacksmith said:

Decalescence is the BEST way to judge critical temperature

Absolutely agree with this.  It works for all simple HC steels and is relatively foolproof.  I have some issue seeing it in my forge, which is quite bright, but will keep working on it.

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