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General question/issue with propane psi


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Hello all, I just have a few questions about my Hell's Forge single burner propane forge.

I'm new to metal working (and propane in general) and just fired up my forge yesterday. The forge lit for about a minute but then the flame was sucked up towards the propane opening rather than into the forge itself. This has me thinking that my propane tank doesn't have a high enough psi? It was fairly cold yesterday (38 degrees Fahrenheit) but that shouldn't decrease my psi enough to barely light the flame/keep a flame, right? It's a new blue rhino propane tank and I'm using the psi regulator included with the Hell's Forge.

The reason I ask is because every video I watch of someone lighting their Hell's Forge the flame is huge, jet blue, and bursting out each end of the forge.

So, is this a temperature issue? Gas leak (I checked twice on all connections but can check again)? Just a crappy propane tank?

I appreciate all the help I can get, thanks guys.

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arftist:  The regulator is an adjustable 20 psi model. I was told to open my propane tank (which is new, by the way) full and then slowly open the regulator valve. The flame still starts small, shoots back up to the mouth of the valve and then goes out.

Thomas Powers:  I’ve contacted the maker and plan on calling again tomorrow, I just wondered if you guys might have a solution if it was a simple problem.

Steve Sells:  Thank you for relocating my post here. I have looked at a few of the basic stickies posts but haven’t found anything of note to help me.

I can’t help but think it has to do with the regulator, I’m just not pushing enough gas out fast enough for the flame to stay lit. Don’t you think?

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Try this, set the regulator to 15lbs. close the tank valve, then try lighting it. Toss in some burning paper and SLOWLY open the tank valve. If that doesn't work it may be the flow check valve as Thomas suggests, Blue Rhino tanks get a heck of a beating. 

Owning your own tank is much cheaper and believe it or not you get to know their quirks, I have a 20lb. that works a charm on the oxy prop torch but not on the forge and it's old enough not to have the internal safety valve, it just doesn't like to provide the flow rate. Normally I use one of the 100 lb. tanks for the forges, they don't freeze up. For as long as I run one anymore I could probably get away with a 40lb. tank.

Frosty The Lucky.

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