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First Anvil - German Trenton

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Though I did not get as amazing of a deal as some, I am very happy to have acquired my first real anvil.

It appears to be an early Trenton, made in Germany and imported into the states prior to 1898. It weighs 164 lbs. It came from an old farm that was bought out to build a freeway bypass in my area. As I understand, it is a farrier style anvil with the small profusion on the bench and general shape.

Though the edges are quite chipped, the face is mostly flat and has a good feel and rebound. The hardy and pritchel holes are also quite worn on their edges. 

All in all, it seems to be a serviceable anvil that I look forward to using for many years.





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Despite my offers to help, the gentleman from whom I purchased this anvil carried it up the stairs from his basement on his own. It was not without effort, and I briefly wondered if I would need to call an ambulance. He made it though. 

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She's a beauty.  I have a 179 # German Trenton.  Mine doesn't say "Germany" on it so I believe mine might be one of the earliest of German Trenton's.  Yours is in a little bit better shape than mine, but you can't beat the beautiful rebound.  Here's a picture of mine:






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The early Trentons are great anvils though they are very hard.  The level of fit and finish are on Par with what the Germans were producing in quality anvils. 

I own a 150lbs German trenton and it was nearly new.  I put the only dent in it with a mis strike. 

I was poking under the anvil storage blankets today when I move the sawyers anvils down to the bunch and shes still sweet to look at. 

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