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Southern Maine checking in

Yanni Rockitz

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 I’m a 48 year old married dad in southern Maine. Beginner blacksmith. Always been a fan of good craftsmanship — whether it’s a home brewed beer, a bit of art or music, furniture or anything finely built — particularly musical instruments, tools and weapons. I’ve been fascinated by blacksmithing / bladesmithing in the last couple years and knew I had to do it, so when I found that rusty old farmer’s anvil in an antique shop, I had to have it. Now I’ve got a few different hammers, a bin full of steel to play with, a post vise and I’m almost finished building my new gas forge. I went through a phase last year, restoring old crosscut saws, axes and hatchets and I’ve gotten Into some leather work so I can make sheathes, scabbards, blade masks and whatnot. A lady down the street was moving out and gave me an 8 x 12 shed, which I had to disassemble and bring to the house in pieces. That’s going back up soon to be half of my new back yard forge and workshop. discussions on here have been very helpful and enlightening I appreciate you guys sharing your hard earned knowledge. What do you think? Do I sound like a guy who might fit into this crowd? 

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Sure you'll fit in. They didn't chase me off, so that bodes well for the rest of the population.  Anyone with a genuine interest in blacksmithing and the motivation to do a little research fits in perfectly. Those that run into problems are the folks who think it's not worth their time to look for an answer to their questions in the myriad posts already here that answers that very question. 

Welcome aboard and remember it's supposed to be fun.


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Welcome aboard! If you haven't yet, please READ THIS FIRST!!!

One advantage you have from being in Maine is that you are solidly in the territory of the New England Blacksmiths, your local ABANA affiliate (a number of whose members are here on IFI). Definitely get yourself connected with those folks, and prepare yourself for some serious knowledge.

I'm occasionally in your part of the world and would be happy to stop by sometime to shoot the breeze and maybe smack some hot metal about.

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