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Well, the wood arrived on Friday, so we’ve spent the last few days figuring out how to get it up. The posts are 6x6, the beams 4x12, and the rafters are 2x10s. As the beams weigh about 600# it’s a little difficult. There is also an electric winch rated for 3500# in play. 






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You don't get any extra points in life for messing up your back/shoulders trying to move too heavy items by brute force yourself!

I am a big fan of rollers, levers, come-alongs, chain hoists, block an tackle, shoot I've even had a neighbor use his 4WD manipulator  to lift telephone poles into place for my smithy addition.

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32 minutes ago, Owen Hinsman said:

how to put a picture into my profile

Go up to the sign out on your name and click on profile. Once that page is up look over to the left where your avatar is and click on the little icon in the left bottom corner which brings up a box to download a avatar picture.

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