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Getting Ready to Re-Line My Forge


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I'm making plans to pull the old lining out of my forge and re-line it.  The attached diagram is the basic layout.  I'll do 2" of ceramic fiber and then I figured I'd coat the inside with about 1/4" of Satanite or something similar.  The big question I have is about the floor.  Right now, there are a couple of fire bricks sitting in there. This works well as it brings the floor up to almost level with the openings in the front and back of the forge. But, when I do anything with flux, it runs off of or between the bricks and gets into my forge lining.  

So here are my ideas:

1- Make a floor out of a castable.  Unfortunately, this will not be easily replaceable AND with it being about 2" thick there are issues with it sucking heat.

2- Just use bricks (like I have been doing) but use a castable/refractory that will resist flux for the 1/4" coating.

3- Use bricks and a flux-resistant coating AND put a layer of kitty litter or sand or something in the bottom to "soak up" flux and then sweep that out occasionally.

I'm particularly curious about # 3.  I keep hearing about people with vertical forges having "kitty litter" in the bottom.  Why wouldn't this work in a horizontal forge? I would think it would also help to keep my fire bricks level and in place (not that they move much now).

Please share your thoughts or advice. Thanks!



Forge Lining 2.png

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