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Proper height for a post drill

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In my new shop I am finally getting to mount the post drill which has been under my bench for 25 years.  I am wondering if there is a "correct" height to mount a post drill similar to mounting an anvil at knuckle height and a vise at elbow height.  My guess is that the most ergonomic position would be having the axle for the crank should be at the same  height as your shoulder joint.   Any thoughts?

I'm not sure that I will use it much when I have my electric drill press nearby but it does add to the blacksmith shop atmosphere and decor.

"By hammer and hand all arts do stand."

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Shoulder height to crank handle shaft is how I have mine setup. It works great. I only use mine for countersinking holes, but that does keep it in regular use. I too have an electric drill press for making holes. I often found myself switching from the twist drill to the countersinking bit to clean up holes. I now just leave the countersinking bit setup in the post drill. 

Have a great day,


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the first thing your post drill will teach you is why blacksmiths punch holes.  ;)


I used an industrial size for years. it was originally set up to run on a line shaft. It came to me with a pulley and an,electric motor. great tool and highly recommended addition

It replaced a farm model post drill that quickly taught me lesson 1 above!  :)

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