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On my way - M&H Armitage Mouse Hole Anvil 122lb

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I may not be 'well on my way' ... but I am 'on my way'

I picked up the Anvil and then made a stand for it.  The stand is made from clear 2x10 glued and bolted together.  I took some angle iron pieces to bolt on to keep it on the top.  That - by itself - quieted it down quite a bit.  Then with two lengths of chain one around one side and the other from the other side and eye bolts to pull the anvil down tight to the base.  It's quiet and tight.  





Then .... I picked up a set of 'starter tongs'.   They are rough-cut and probably 50 to 75% done ... the reins need drawn out and rounded and the jaws need finished then riveted ... but they are a good start.


Now - I need a way to heat up the working stock.   I have an oxy-acetylene set-up with a cutting torch head ... but that can get expensive ... so I am considering a brake drum forge for now ... I have a brake drum and a piece of pipe ... and I have an old hair dryer ... so I can probably complete pretty cheaply.  

I may want a gas forge at some time.   


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The tong starter sets are a great way to save money forging your own tongs.  I've bought them and they work great.  I definitely suggest drilling the hole for the rivet after you've forged out your tongs.  Watch some videos on tong making so you don't totally smoosh out the other end of the rivet when you put it in.

Since you haven't indicated that budget is an issue, why not buy a forge?  You won't be happy with a brake drum forge from what I hear.  Propane forges can be had for less than $500 - hook them up and start forging.  If you are married to using coal, those can be built better using the brake drum or even a rotor as the firepot of a much larger forge.  You can definitely make a forge cheaper than buying one, but there's always that period of time when you are fudging with getting it to work right.


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I agree with kycats. A jabod is the easiest intro into blacksmithing. I use one and am satisfied with the performance. It does everything I ask of it. I chose to build a jabod also because I use charcoal as my primary fuel. You could probably put together a jabod with stuff you already have and be forging today if you really wanted to. Good luck however you proceed.


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