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Regulator brand and model


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Anyone have a recommended regulator, pressure gauge, and hose setup for a dual burner setup?  I know I need one that is adjustable from 0-30 psi.  But is there a model/brand that is less prone to leaks, quality parts for adjustability.  Is there a hose type that is better protected from stress and heat, or is it better to sheath the hose?  I’d prefer to use something larger than a bbq bottle... do the larger tanks use a different connection type? 

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For regulators, as for many other items, you get what you pay for--if you're reasonably lucky and very careful. This means looking at what is offered in the marketplace; which means looking a a marketplace! Try inputing Propane regulators at Amazon.com, and reading what is there, including customer evaluations of those products.

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25 minutes ago, ThomasPowers said:

I asked at my local propane place.

DITTO! Frosty says go to the local propane service's office. Mine is a something something red cap but it's more than 30 years old and 0-20. I put the gauge on a T directly on the regulator. 

People's Court is on. Later!

Frosty The Lucky.

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