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Cleaning up an improvised anvil

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I mamaged to get this big lump of metal (no idea what it was) but it is pretty big and heavy so i think it would make a good first anvil but I am not sure how best to clean it up, i was thinking of angle grinding it to a smooth surface and laying on a log with something through the centre hold to fix it in place. 

I have several pictures including a tape measure for size. 

Ps could the pointed end be rounded off for a makeshift horn?






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That is a bull set. Think of it like a 8lbs + chisel with a wood handle attached to it. It is used to break stone. You have one person using the handle to hold it while the striker strikes the bull set with a sledgehammer. I use this tool regularly in my everyday job. I don't know what steel it's made of but it's tough. It will of been hardened and tempered originally but work would of possibly work hardened it also. I would clean up the edges of the face and use it like a Nepalese blacksmith using a sledgehammer as an anvil. Here are some picks of the one I use at work.



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Im sure it doesn't matter a whole lot if your gonna use it as a hammer. But you did make mention of cleaning it up. 

If you want the rust gone; Get a 5 gallon bucket, a 12V auto battery charger and some Arm and Hammer super washing powders. Use them to do the electrolysis method. I recently did this to remove rust from an old 2LB Hammer head and two sets of tongs that were absolutely covered, and it worked great!

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Or you could dump it in a pail of plain old white vinegar overnight and brush the stuff off under running water in the morning.

Does such a good job that the bare metal will start flash rusting after it's out. So be prepared to put your prepared finish on it. (me it;s generally BLO, paraffin wax; or paint.

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I had thought about using that process as well Thomas. If he does, will he need to put baking soda on the bare metal before finishing it? I heard that you need to do that to neutralize the acidity of the vinegar to stop the process. But I have no clue if you oil, beeswax, etc. if that will stop the process as well. 

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