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Mount for a post vise?


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I recently bought a 4" post vise that was missing a spring and mounting bracket.  It was originally built with a tenon style mounting bracket.  I'm going to make a bracket and spring for it.  I'm sure I can figure it out on my own but, I would like to minimize the chances of me messing it up and having to start over or making something that won't hold up for very long.  

Anyone have tips, pictures and/or instructions on making a tenon style mount for a post vise?  I've been searching the internet for a few days trying to find pictures or instructions on how to make the mount but, there is surprisingly little information about this type of mount. I would love a video or instructions if anyone has them but I would settle for pictures of working tenon mounts so I can at least see how it was made.  


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I have a very small old post vise that was tenon mount and missing the tenon. I took a piece of strap stock sized such that when doubled it fit the tenon hole.  Forge welded the doubled section and drilled a hole for a spring clip cotter pin to hold the spring on. For the open section I forged the strap to horizontal  and bent them into a curve and punched holes for the mounting bolts.   Luckily I have a square punch for punching the spring hole the appropriate size.

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I have one I might be able to get pictures of the tenon mount if I find time to dig it out and take it apart.

I had posted on it but never got a separate picture of the tenon mount itself in the thread. To see that one search " H*LOSE Vise iforgeiron"

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Way back; when my daughter who is now Dr Powers was a toddler; she had just learned about screws and screwdrivers and at an SCA meeting she was overheard telling an adult that "When she grew up, her daddy was going to make her a suit of armour and he was going to screw it all up!"

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Ok, here are some pictures of the mount/spring and wedge. The spring on mine sort of takes up the slack for the wedge. Hope this is helpful. measurements don't really matter on mine compared to yours. They are relative to the vise. This is the basic idea and workings. Let me know if anything else would help more. 








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