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What are these?


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Merry Christmas,

The inside Mic should read 0-.500". The collar is .500".

By using one/either of the stems and the collar/sleeve, you can adjust to within .500 of your required/wanted range of measurement. Generally the body base is 2.000", add the lengths and with/without the sleeve.

It is just a multi-piece jigsaw puzzle Micrometer. A little mathmatics in your head and presto, an Inside Micrometer.

Not used for Blacksmithing, necessarily, but still useful.


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I once had some nicely worn ones I picked up when I bought a bunch of silver coins at pawnshops as I was buying them at bullion cost to make a pectoral cross for a friend out of 30 pieces of silver and wanted old worn not easily identifiable coins from a wide range of countries. (some had Queen Victoria barely visible on them...)

Unfortunately I now need another myself..."half the thickness of a worn Euro" just doesn't have the same cachet...

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