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I Forge Iron

plastic burns


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Thomas Powers wrote in another thread:

Picking pieces of steel out of your flesh is not one of my "favorite things"  though it does rank higher than peeling once molten plastic from your burns.

I can attest to that. I shovelled a scoop of charcoal onto the forge a couple of days ago and in it there was a scrap of woven plastic from the charcoal bag. I put the shovel down and then, without thinking, flicked the scrap of plastic off the forge. It had already started to melt and stuck to my finger. That is a real wake-up call. And it still seems to burn under the quench. Hammer hand, too.  Yep, molten plastic - treat with caution!



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Correct term for a woman who spins; spinner is a man who spins; follows the old gender modified nouns: Actor/Actress, Brewer/Brewster, Hammer/Hamster, Painter/Paintress---lots more out there.

Now in colonial America the oldest unmarried daughter was expected to do the spinning for the family and so the name became associated with that role...

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