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How big is your shop?

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WooHoo! Bought the trusses for my shop extension last night! Now to scrounge some posts and start leveling the floor area---need to move a lot of stuff that has built up in front of the current shop.

This should add another 20'x20' to my current 20'x30' shop. Won't be as pretty, no pad and hail damaged metal siding/roofing and the trusses are not the same pitch as the original building; but beggers can't be choosers.

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Sounds like the typical Alaskan Organic building, they start with one structure and additions just sort of grow off them.

The look on the neighbor's faces when the lovely big house cross the street gets remodeled and they tear out an exterior wall and extract a 1950's era mobile home is priceless.

Congratulations Thomas the roof trusses are the priciest item on the list. How long to fill the new space? ;)


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I once lived in a house in OKC that the core was built from boards from railroad packing crates---still had the stencils on them when tore into the wall. And that was the *best* built part of the house, shudder.

Here in NM adobe houses grow "organically" over the generations---and also shrink organically when people stop maintainence...

How long to fill? It was full before it was started! but I hope to be able to walk through the "old" shop without having to suck in my gut. I'll miss the screwpress though; it's still on it's skids (and rollers) by the side door. When I turn off the halogen floods at night and am blinded I can raise my arm and find the big flywheel of the screewpress and follow it around to the door out.

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haha my shop dosnt even have a full roof. its on the side of my house sitting on a bunch of flagstone, but the whole area probly takes up about 15x15'(i dont have a large colection of tools yet. anvil to my left coal diagonaly left behind me, slacktub to my forward right diagonal my forge a quater built in front of me and half of everything else i need around my yard in tarps...should probly organize before i realy start smithing....

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