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Ugh, another anvil Id, not found in AIA

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There’s a little old welding shop in town and the guy has got a great anvil the needs to be in my shop. I’ve been trying for years to buy it and he won’t do it. I’ve even offered cash and a smaller replacement anvil, he doesn’t do any forging. I’ve tried to get better pictures but the guy is a little squirrelly about that. All I’ve got is the one. Maybe in a year or two I’ll be able to take another as he shoots my offer down again. It’s looks to be cast and the only mark I’ve seen is an R on the off side. I’d guess it’s in the 200-250lb range.


An yes, that’s a 50lb little giant that hasn’t run in years but looks like it would be ingood running order. Also not for sale  EDD7C9EA-19EC-4F90-B9B6-1DA186DF0ECD.thumb.jpeg.42c3fced764a4d5a4a81d09aff5c9ae9.jpeg

This brings up another question and might deserve its own topic, When do you give up on trying to buy an anvil or other piece of equipment? Do you ever really give up?

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yeah strange he's got a PH, anvil, and two flatters but he doesnt forge and wont sell them. That would drive me crazy. Dont give up.  


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