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Double Horn Anvil ID

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I bought this anvil on Saturday and can't find much info. It weighs 66 pounds which confirms my thought that the 30 meant kg. There is a square hole on the underside. There is a series of numbers under the rounded horn 463 9. I can't see any other marks with the paint still on it,  but I thought the color might help someone identify it. The edges are almost new and far too sharp for most of my forgings, but dont worry I won't go crazy rounding them all. I know sharp is handy for some things. 

It measures 17 1/2" long, 8" tall, 3 1/2" wide on the face, and the base is roughly 5 1/2" x 8". The hardy hole is 7/8" and so is the round hole. Is it still a pritchel hole at that size? 

It rings very loudly when struck on either horn. A small ball bearing dropped from 6 inches bounced back up to over 5 1/2 (the distance I could see with my phone propped to record it).  Any advice is appreciated. Thanks for checking it out. 


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Nice little south German pattern anvil. There are/were a number of German anvil makers but given that its cast steel I would suggest 

that it might be a Kolshwa from Sweden. They are still in business and you can google their website to see the various styles they offer.

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It’s interesting.

Has the blended face to horn like a Southern German, but wider face a squatter than many of them.

Has some characteristics found in the non-pig shaped French anvils, and is similar to OWA Bulgur/Italian anvils.

Nice anvil, whatever it is. 

Use it in good health, and as one member states “make beautiful things!”

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How is it's rebound? Drop a bearing ball and estimate how far it bounces back as a percentage. Of course dropping it from the 10" mark on a ruler and eyeballing the return on the ruler IS cheating but is a lot easier. You're looking for 70% or better.

Frosty The Lucky. 

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