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side draft chimney

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Your original question was about why side draft chimneys worked, the temperatures expected in the flu, and a comment on a fan to assist the draft. By deleting the original question, the answers are now difficult to understand.

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it depends on the material you made it from,

if your forge is made of sheet or cast iron, it'l just get rusty, and thus wearout quiker,
if you'v used clay, firebrick, refrectionary concrete or something of the kind, you should watch out when lightning it wen the stone is wet,(steam presure of the absorbed water may cause it to crack or even explode, so be carefull to make sure its always nice and dry), same goes for freezing.


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Not enough data to answer the question---is your forge made from adobe? Rain would be a major problem! is your forge made from a brakedrum, rain is incidental. Please take off your Al hat and think real hard about the details so we can try to read your mind!

Having a cover for it is generally a good idea, I've used an old trashcan for a brakedrum forge and a piece of plywood with a concrete block on top of it for a cast iron forge.

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