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Travelling in Europe, so won't be online much

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Hi all

I hope it's ok to put this here.

We're in the long drawn out process of moving to Australia, and currently are travelling around Europe until August. So I'll be online here even less than I am now! :( Not that anyone's likely to notice, but you never know. :rolleyes:
I will return though, with more daft questions and a thirst to learn! For now, I wish everyone a peaceful & productive time. :)

Take care

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Ratel, You had better stop into a few smithies in the course of your travels, now that you have us all drooling with envy.
Drop Ian a line ("Ian's world tour") for some leads/ intros.
Hurry back and let us know how it all turned out.
BTW- If you've thought about it, you might want to reconsider adding that new Czech anvil to your carry on luggage an the return trip, VERY pricey fees at the gate!
Enjoy! Dan

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Actually if you could find a container load of anvils, I'm sure it could pay for the cost of you moving to Australia. Every smith I've had the pleasure to chat with down under has mentioned a great shortage of smithing tools. Might want to check with the group that posts here and see if you can't work out a few deals. I'm sure they'd be appreciative.

Good luck with the move. sounds like fun.

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Thought abut it, and even looked into it some Candid, but I found this site way too late to get organised and along with low funds it wasn't going to come off. I didn't even manage to get myself an anvil in time due to various reasons - mostly time & work. :C Dunno what I'm going to do for now other than scour & advertise all around when w get there.
However, there are some possibilities for something like that container full in the future. ;)

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