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I Forge Iron

My sword Hammer (still WIP)

Sam Salvati

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Here is some shots of the simple chiselwork I managed to get done today on probably my last working day in the shop (plus the 15 or so hammers I managed to get done over the weekend), I named and marked my sword. Sorry Mr Wheeler, no phallic or compensation thing goin' on here, I don't call my wang Hammer or anything like that either :D . It's going to be my sword so I thought it appropriate to give it a fitting name, it will be a *bit* on heavy side, well balanced but still a heavy hitter so the name Hammer came to mind. Comments and critique welcome.
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Well if you want some suggestions: Put a fuller in that baby to lighten it up like the real ones, flats are just not found much in the middle of using blades. Also look up "stress concentrator" wrt knife/swordmaking on the chiseling. I would suggest etching the name in on the next one.

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Hmm, I didn't even think about brazing. I would like to lay in some precious metal but I fear I would mess up the hammer finish look when all is said and done and I have to get the wire/hammered in stuff flush and smooth looking among the roughness.

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Got it all ground today, it is now ready for heat treat, here is a few shots to tide you over, I have more but the camera is being a pain in the tookus.

Blurry close up shot
Tip detail
Tip detail other side

As I said before, the outer edge bevel is polished, with the ridgelines you see in the middle all forged in by hammer.

Here is some more pictures:

Site down the slightly wavy ridge lines
Other side
A look at the edge
And a better close up view of the marks









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Thanks guys, hope to get a spare minute to actually work on this sword a bit more!

John, I have some ideas involving some of the Tolkien type stuff, but I am honestly not too much of a LOTRophile.

Finnr, I DO have some ideas in the works involving the futhark.

Ross, the bevel is ground in as a continuation of the hammered in bevel, and when finish ground it will not have a secondary edge.

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Sam, I have a question. Wouldn't it be good for the blade if you ground about an 1/8" of where the tang meets the blades, and make the blade to tang transition rounded at the edges to relieve stress, and possibly snapage in use?


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OK this has gone on long enough with out serious action, SO..... I am now taking bets on when/if Sam can finish this.

This betting sheet will conclude Jan 1. 2011. because by then even tho he will still be promising to get it finished, we all can cash in on our bets at that time :D

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