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Fire Reddings Ca 2017

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Wild land fires are so much worse these days because of mismanagement and politics. Fire is a natural part of the ecosystem, but we fight them very aggressively. So instead of having a burn of that reduces the fuel load, say once a decade (or less, being that many aboriginal cultures used fire for resource management), we have 3-5 decades of fuel built up. Now it’s a disaster. Don’t get me wrong, no one wants to see a fire come across their land, but buy removing the small wood,brush and “weeds” it improves the habitat. 

I remember when I lived in AZ we were clearing under underbrush and small wood to reduce the fire danger in the forest when a group sued to stop the Forest service. During the stay a fire broke out destroying homes, mature grease and killing the wild life they thought they were protecting. 

Here in Oklahoma, eastern red cedar has invaded many areas and in and of its self has become a fire hazard. This is acualy a symptom, as regular grass fires destroy the seedlings. Infact management of grasslands buy fire increas range carrying capasity buy 10%. 

Human progress at its finest.


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As I recall the monster fires a few years, decade maybe(?) ago were burning in more than 50 years of accumulated dead brush, wood and grass. "The Smokey The Bear" problem made the rounds during and after but was publicly yelled down as not being eco friendly or some such fanzine logic.

Yeah, we're going through a cycle of hot dry summers, just like Earth has for a couple few billion years. I'd have to look it up but it's something like a 13 year cycle with large spikes occurring in multiples of the 13 year cycle. We're in a spike, nothing new unless . . . Nevermind.

It sucks, especially if you live in a forest that burns, the last time my patch of forest burned was about 25 years ago and with the major spruce bark beetle kill off we might be looking at another major burn soon. I'll have to get some guys together and clear the trees and brush back from the house and barn. Maybe set up a couple sprinklers to keep the closer vegetation well watered so it's not tinder.

The worst news I heard was yesterday morning. They arrested someone for setting fires in California. I don't recall exactly what they said but I believe they had his vehicle on surveillance video leaving locations and fires showing up within a couple few minutes. People who set fires kill people and should face the consequences. The old saying, "Let the women have him/er," strikes me as fitting. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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My brother wife and family had to evacuate. They are stunned by the speed of the fire that is only 3% contained ... that is to say is out of control. 

I don't want to comment on the reasons that created this situation over there, but going from some of your comments it is no different from our bushfires. Extreme green policies of "do nothing" build up fuel. Add to that the ubiquitous lunatic and perhaps even malicious groups like it is rumoured happened in Greece.  

We can only hope for rain and a change in the wind direction. 

PS what is 2017 in the thread title? 

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