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Some more puukoos


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...while making them, my good Sony camera had problems due our climate.Sony has excellent Lenses from Zeiss(Germany)but is very sensitive to tropical climate.

So I had to resort on my replacement camera from Samsung which is much more reliable in humid climate but the difference in lens quality is enormous.

But I hope  the difference does not diminish the pleasure of looking too much.









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Thanks Lou L, You reply is a honor and a pleasure as always:)

This one was more difficult to make because of the small margin on the handle material.

So I took the  blank of the blade and worked myself to the point where I was sure it would work.






Resize of DSC02183.JPG

Resize of SAM_0538.JPG

Resize of SAM_0541.JPG

Resize of SAM_0545.JPG

Resize of SAM_0552.JPG

Resize of SAM_0562.JPG

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TwistedCustoms: You are welcome!...I really like the definitions "ghostly and mysterious":ph34r:...Thanks a lot!


Mudman: Thank You!....well,  do it, make one.. I learned a lot while making them

that archetypal kind of knife contains fun as well as challenge.


Daswulf: Thanks for You reply, bro! It is all about appreciation...its the motivation of keeping on posting.:)

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